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3 Easy Tips to Prevent and Overcome Stroke

Jumat, November 18, 2011
Stroke is a mysterious diseases to the public. Stroke it-self is the tringger for an unhealthy lifestyle  and irregular  and the edges of stress appear. How is the proper way to cope with the correct stroke.
There are those who argue also that the stroke caused by blood clots. I will review the information about simple tips to prevent and cope following a stroke.

Drinking Water
Multiply consume drinking water.

Exercise Routine
Do regular exercise regularly and routinely.

Avoid Smoking
For those of you who are not addicted to ciggarettes have never smoked. and for those of you who try to quit smoking addict.

Routine Control
Blood pressure and cholesterol are things that must be considered, because whenever there is time to take some routine checks.

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great post on a great blog :)

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Unknown mengatakan...

Jaga Kesehatan Anda.. :)

Muhammad Iqbal K mengatakan...

Ps holic : ok :) thanks

tips kesehatan : sipp gan :D

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